Made a mistake in the informational section of the common app, how to have DELETED?

so in short, on the education section of my common app it asked me if my education was ever interrupted due to a change in schools in high school. Because I had changed schools I wrote an explanation as to why (in said explanation I accidentally made a couple of pretty bad typos). After sending in my app, I realized that they only wanted an explanation if my changing of schools caused me to miss school, which it DID NOT. Currently the admissions offices for my schools are closed, so I cannot call. My question is, if I send in a letter instructing the clerk to DELETE that part of the common app so that the admin officers don't see it, will they actually delete it or will they just attach the letter (thereby risking that the admin officers see this crappy typo ridden technically inaccurate first explanation).</p>

<p>I changed high schools as well, and I don't believe that the common app only asked an explanation if you missed school because of it. It asks for a short explanation of why you switched schools and if that affected you in any way. If you really feel that the typos you made were significant enough to hurt you more than help then you can send an email requesting it to be omitted. Unless the errors are extremely significant or change the meaning of the explanation drastically, I would leave it though.</p>