Made a mistake on my common app and found out after getting in! HELP

So I recently got into my dream school and I logged back into the common app to show my friend my essays and I realized i (an Egyptian and Afghan) put my race as white, (which I am), Asian (which I also am), and African American. I submitted all of my applications on the deadline and I didn’t check my pdf documents. I didn’t take advantage of any multicultural scholarships or anything and my race on my transcript is Asian. What should I do? I’m scared if I tell the school they’re going to think I waited until I got in to tell them to my advantage which I didn’t but I also don’t want an error that may seem calculated on my record. What should I do?

I wouldn’t bother telling them anything race can be self identified.

How did you mistakenly put 3 races when you’re only 2? I can see checking the wrong box if 2 are close together, but how do you mistakenly check 3?

Race can be self identified, but in the US African American means black. It doesn’t include everyone who has ancestors in Africa. I’d contact the school and ask them to change it.

All of the boxes are pretty close together idk man I was pretty shocked when I saw what I did. Do you think the school will rescind after I tell them? How should I tell them in a way that doesn’t make it seem like I was being dishonest in order to gain admission?

The boxes aren’t really close together. Each one is a separate line.

Where do you fit in the accepted student profile?

Does the school you’re going to practice affirmative action?