Made My Decision, I'm a SPider!

<p>I just decided I'm definitely going to Richmond... not accepting offers from UVA and JMU... Who else is definitely gonna be a c/o 2009 Spider?</p>

<p>I will be heading down to Richmond for '09--just another kid from the suburbs of Boston.</p>

<p>That's cool, I'm from VA</p>

<p>ME,ME,ME....I'm going to Richmond, from NJ</p>

<p>count me in as well, WA- Seattle area</p>

<p>you can probably count me in too... from Houston, TX. still deciding between UR and W&M though, but I'm leaning towards UR.</p>

<p>unite, we both got waitlisted at duke, but im not really trying to hard are you? im just excited to be in viriginia and especially at richmond</p>

<p>I got waitlisted at UVA, not duke</p>

<p>but yeah, I'm totally excited to be in virginia, it will be awesome!</p>

<p>That's so awesome that people are excited to be in Virginia, I've lived here for nearly 18 years (May 6th lol... mark your calendars) and have definitely lost excitement for it... OMG you guys, you're my new/future classmates!!! we're going to college!!!!! lol</p>

<p>it should be a good four years</p>

<p>A great four years.</p>

<p>Hopefully the basketball team does just as well so we can raise some hell at a few (or many) games.</p>

<p>yay of courseeeeeeeeeee im going!</p>

<p>Kossitan are u playing basketball?</p>

<p>No. However, college basketball is one of the best spectator sports out there, provided the team goes to March Madness. Since I will not be playing any varsity athletics (I'm hoping to participate in some club teams), I will be supporting athletics there. I truly wanted to go to a D3 school. Because that opportunity did not present itself, however, it's time to become a spectator.</p>

<p>Plus, it's one of the better arguments for going to a D1 school, if you're into that sort of thing.</p>

<p>Basketball is definitely important, I hope I get to be in the pep band so I can get paid to go to games.. if not I'll definitely still be at the games.... I love basketball... I also hope to be on an Intramural team next year...</p>

<p>O yea... farbdogg has a post up for anyone going to UR to add their AIM screennames so we can all talk or whatever... so check that out and maybe even add ur name! lol</p>

<p>Finally someone who appreciates the potential of the basketball team.</p>

<p>I'm worried about the Spider's coach Wainwright leaving for DePaul, what are you thinking about it Kossitan?</p>

<p>I think he's probably going, it looks like DePaul really wants Wainwright, we should know maybe by Thursday I think. that's really gonna be a loss to the spiders.</p>

<p>It will be a loss for the team, though--even if Wainwright does leave--he has left the team in great position for next year. They lost two seniors, I believe. The team is extraordinarily young. From reading the school newspaper (sorry, I'm clearly a tool), our class has some good basketball recruits coming in too. Though Wainwright might be off, his legacy may very well live on.</p>

<p>The team definitely has potential... my friend was actually gonna come to richmond to play basketball, but i don't think academically he was quite there yet, and he's also young for our class. So he's taking a prep year at Fork Union, and hopefully he'll be at Richmond in '06-'07.</p>