Madison Achievement

Hello, I was recently accepted to JMU! I was just wondering if anyone knew when they would be sending out scholarships, particularly Madsion Achievement information? Thank you!

My daughter received a letter in the mail yesterday (2/23) telling her she was receiving a $3500 Madison Achievement scholarship. Unlike what others have posted in previous years, she did not receive an email telling her to expect the letter.

Thank you @tgs222‌! I actually was awarded the same scholarship on the same day. I also did not receive an email. :slight_smile:

I know this is late but I was accepted early action and just now received a $3,500 Madison Achievement scholarship. I got an email that stated that I would be getting more information in the mail. I really want to accept the offer but I’m not sure that I will be able to because of how high the cost of attendance is still. I have to make a decision by the 15th apparently so hopefully it’s in favor of JMU!