Madison and Urbana Champaign Chances

<p>Short and simple (I will chance back! )</p>

<p>Gpa: 3.25
weighted: 3.33
(Slight decrease in gpa (I did terribly in math but excellent in sciences tho))</p>

<p>Act: 29 (superscore: 30)
act writing: 11</p>

<p>Ap bio: 4
ap comp/language: 5</p>

-3rd degree blackbelt (been doing karate for 13 years)
-karate instructor (9-12)
-link leader
-hospital volunteer (9-12)
-library volunteer (10-12)
-special Olympics coach
-president and founder of indian club
-science Olympiad member (10-12)
-expert prosecution lawyer in mock trial (9,12)
-chinese club senior member (9-12)
-korean club member (10-12)</p>

-very strong writer
-am a tricker (if you don't know, go to YouTube and search team swipe)
-took most ap courses and honors
-want to major in biochem </p>

<p>Let me know! I've already sent my application in!! </p>

<p>I will chance back tho!</p>

<p>Anybody? C'mon people :)
A few minutes is all it takes! I will chance back or help anyway I can!</p>

<p>Your chances are not that great, that 3.25 is pretty weak. Even if you're an Illinois resident, UIUC will be somewhat of a reach. Your ACT score simply fits their average but is nothing spectacular. Also your ECs are pretty solid but again, it is not spectacular. I don't really see anything that would make the admissions officer want to admit you in spite of your GPA. UW-Madison will for sure be a reach and UIUC will be a slightly lesser reach. If you haven't already, apply to some safeties.</p>

<p>Yeah I know.. I didn't really care about school junior year so that brought it down badly. I do have some safeties tho. I wrote a very good essay (as told by several ap comp teachers) so I hope it can swing them. Thnx for the honest outlook.</p>

<p>Agreed, a Madison rejection shouldn't come as a total~ surprise, but you should still apply, you still have a possibility. Although Urbana I'd call a low reach if your essays are fantastic. Hopefully they're a foot in the door. Good luck!</p>

<p>just got rejected by madison .....</p>

<p>You applied early?</p>

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<p>Yeah. I kinda knew it but still sucks</p>