Madison Or Marquette?

<p>I'm deciding between these great schools.
Can anyone provide insight into student life, academics, etc.</p>

<p>Marquette and UW-Madison are similar in selectivity and their student bodies as far as admissions stats go, so you’ll have similar peers at both schools it seems. The biggest differences seem to be</p>

<p>1) Size
2) Social atmosphere
3) Major/academic offerings
4) City</p>

<p>UW-Madison has nearly 30,000 undergraduates. That means it may be easier to find your niche - because there are bound to be other students like you, doing that obscure thing that you like. However, it also may mean that your first-year seminar for your major has 300 people in it. Big public schools like Madison also tend to have better campus resources, though - better gyms, better food options, sometimes better residence halls, usually better funded classroom spaces, although it really just depends on the schools we’re comparing. I would guess that Madison’s facilities are better than Marquette’s.</p>

<p>The flip side is that there are more students using them, so you may find access is more difficult. Smaller places like Marquette (about 8,000 undergraduates) usually can devote more time to personal attention to students - in career services, in advising students, in finding special programs and internships for you to do. Madison may have more options, but accessing those options may be more difficult unless you are very independent.</p>

<p>Madison has a reputation as a “party school,” and the students are known for drinking a lot. My thought is it’s a kind of work hard, play hard place, because it also has an impeccable academic reputation as well. Given its size there are bound to be hundreds of student organizations on campus. Marquette doesn’t have quite the party school reputation; over 60% of the students identify as Catholic (although I’m not sure that impacts the social life at all). But college students tend to make their own fun.</p>

<p>Madison being larger has more major options and also more options to take obscure languages or niche classes. You’d probably also have a larger rotating stable of guest lecturers on campus, as well as special co-curricular opportunities like doing research with a professor. Marquette will have that too, though, and niche classes aren’t always better.</p>

<p>And finally, Madison and Milwaukee are very different cities. I’ve mostly heard good things about Madison as a college town, whereas Milwaukee…not so good things. But that all depends, too, on what you’re looking for.</p>

<p>Milwaukee is a beautiful city with an amazing lakefront and many fun neighborhoods that appeal to young people (Third Ward, Brady Street, Bay View, etc.). It also has major-league sports teams, great museums, music festivals, restaurants, etc.</p>

<p>Madison is a great college town. It really depends what you are looking for.</p>