Mag wants to know: Best thing about college?

<p>I am the editor-in-chief of azTeen Magazine and we are currently finishing up our first-ever College Issue. One of our sections is called Last Word. In it, we ask a question that readers answer, but since our readers are hs students, they can't answer this issue's question. So, I would love to get some quotes from current college students. </p>

<p>Here's the question: What's the best thing about college?
Can't have stuff about drinking/sex, that kind of thing, but other than that, I want candid, honest answers! Please include your real name and your college name and grad year. Like this: "The best thing about college is not having to share a room with my two sisters anymore. I have a roommate, but I got to choose her! Having the ability to make all kinds of choices, big and small, is awesome." -- Jane Smith, Colby College '13</p>

<p>You can post here, or email me at <a href=""></a>. Email me a pic too, if you can! I need answers by first thing Tuesday morning (June 8).</p>

<p>Michelle Burgess
azTeen Magazine</p>