Magazines to improve Critical Reading scores?

<p>Xiggi recommends the New Yorker and Discovery Magazine, what should i read to improve my abilities?</p>

<p>The Atlanta</p>

<p>I like Maxim for unorthodox tone and unconventional content. Gotta get some diversity in there.</p>

<p>Read whatever you like. I like National Geographic and Time Magazine, and the New York Times. I highly recommend the New York Times. There was a recent post on this topic. Go dig that up.</p>

<p><a href="mailto:lol@Geoffrey...yeah">lol@Geoffrey...yeah</a> we should get some playboy in there as well haha</p>

<p>The New Yorker and the Economist are what I have read.</p>

<p>I've read here that reading for pleasure won't help you with the CR section, but the week before I took the test I read the complete series of Chronicles of Narnia. Hardly something difficult to read, or similar to the CR excerpts. Anyway maybe it was just a coincidence but it was in that last week that I got a hang of CR and scored pretty well on it.</p>

<p>My point is, reading is good (eh... really?) and you should feel free to read whatever you want to read. </p>


<p>After reading my comment I've realized how useless it is. Honestly, if you haven't been an avid reader I doubt the New Yorker will help you ace the CR section.
You could use your time more wisely, like doing practice tests and checking your wrong answers.</p>

<p>I recommend The Economist and the New Yorker, as well as the NY Times.</p>

<p>The Economist</p>

<p>I got a 740, and I usually read things like The Economist, and programming books. </p>

<p>I wish I would've read more, and taken more/harder English classes, but it's all water under the bridge today.</p>

<p>Read something that interests you so you won't burn out.</p>

<p>Reader's Digest. I'm not kidding. It has lots of short articles about many different topics, so you won't burn out if you're not a big reader.
You might also try Outside.</p>