Magnetic Display Boards: Any Experience?

We want to put up a large central bulletin board at our church, and our go-to signage guy, who is a member–suggests that we go with a magnetic board that is apparently used in the corporate world. It can include custom overlays, be painted to match the wall or trim, and used magnets instead of tacks to hold individual items in place.

One of my committee members is skeptical of this, and wants to know how they perform IRL. For example, do magnets give way eventually resulting in stuff falling off, and if so, how long do they hold up?

I pointed out that tacks on a cork board are hardly ideal either, but she is almost as stubborn as I am! :smiley:

Whatever you pick… Make sure no magnets are accessible to small kids.

Magnet boards work great. Get good magnets and make sure your board can use standard everyday magnets, not rare earth magnets.

One of my clients has magnetic walls in their offices, for hanging large sheets of graphical data. It’s been about ten years, and everything still works fine.

My office has smaller magnetic dry-erase boards, with accompanying dry-erase magnetic strips. We write project pieces on the strips and move them around. Best thing ever.

We are deathly afraid to buy the dry erase cover option because it is virtually certain that some idiot will ruin it by using the wrong kind of markers. That’s what has happened before. :frowning: Smaller pieces, on the other hand, might be a good idea if they aren’t too expensive…

Thanks for the tip about the type of magnets. I’ve never even heard of rare earth magnets.

Using the wrong markers (eg permanent) is a common issue and can still be removed with acetone (in some nail polish removers). It was a common issue in college, so many of us learned awhile back.