Mail from Harvard!

<p>Did anyone get an actual application for Harvard sent to them in the mail?
They sent me an entire app, its pretty cool but intimidating lol why are they trying to increase admissions?</p>

<p>They, like all colleges, want to reject the most possible applicants to keep or up their rank on the US News list.</p>

<p>ahhhhh that makes sense :) kinda ironic, well hopefully that means other top schools will send me their applications, its pretty convenient</p>

<p>^ Or just fill them out online.</p>

<p>yeah i got one too. but unfortunately they're still going to reject 95% of the people they send letters to</p>

<p>True but its just exciting i guess, even though Ill probably get rejected, its nice they send it this early</p>

<p>I got one, too (yesterday). Someone else did, too: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>They sent over 50k last year. You're one of them this year. Congrats :)</p>

<p>I wish I got it in the mail - just to have a look and dream over it :P</p>

<p>I remember I was so excited when I got a letter from Yale last year. I was so touched I actually saved that letter for inspiration :P.</p>

<p>These letters give people false hope. =(</p>

<p>^ It takes two to let that happen. Learn early on that college admissions is a numbers game for the schools.</p>

<p>I know a couple more kids (at least) that got them. I think they went to everyone above a certain SAT score. It's nice but don't take it to mean anything much.</p>

<p>I think the college game can be such BS and misleading sometimes.</p>

<p>I got one too. Why do they even need to send anything in the first place? I can understand UChicago trying to max their applications, but not Harvard.</p>

I got one too. Why do they even need to send anything in the first place? I can understand UChicago trying to max their applications, but not Harvard.


The more they send out, the more applications they get. The more they get, the more they reject. The more they reject, the lower their admission percentage. The lower that percentage, the more exclusive they seem.</p>

<p>All of the top schools do it. If you ask me, they are sick. Harvard rejected 93% of its applicants this year, but it's not satisfied. It has an insatiable appetite to reject even a higher percentage of students next year. </p>

<p>One of the criteria for the USN&WR rankings is percentage of accepted applicants -- the more your school rejects, the higher your score. Chicago wants to rise in the rankings, and it hired a PR firm last year to drum up more interest in the school so that its percentage of accepted students drops. It worked. This year Chicago rejected more than it ever has!! Good job, Chicago!! Maybe next year you can detroy even more lives!!!</p>

<p>But the more important you feel if you get accepted :D</p>

<p>Harvard wants to lower its admit rate as much as humanly possible.</p>

<p>Perhaps a less jaded interpretation is that Harvard and other elite schools want to ensure that all who could be successful at their institutions will give consideration to applying. These schools do compete to get the students that they want as they build their classes and it isn't just about the stats. Until you apply they really don't know very much about you.</p>