Mail Questions

<p>So I recieved my official letter from tulane today (I was accepted online on 12/7), however, I didn't recieve anything about a user name and password for the aditted students website (or anything about merit aid but that coud just be because I don't qualify for it, not sure). I was just wondering if it's normal to only recieve two pieces of paper (the official acceptance letter and a page with a few paragraphs about visiting, financial aid, housing, enrollment, etc) andnoting else.</p>

<p>It does mean that you did not receive merit aid, because that would be in the body of the acceptance letter. As far a user name and password, others have said the same thing. I think it will come to you later in an e-mail, but not sure. Hopefully someone else that had the same issue can answer that part exactly.</p>

<p>As Fallenchemist said, the normal length of the letter is only a couple of pages and includes any information regarding merit scholarships. The letters do not include the login information for the admitted students website. Other people have said that they received an email a couple of weeks after receiving their acceptance letter. However, I did not receive any information, so I emailed my admissions counselor and she responded a few hours later with my login.</p>

<p>What was there when you logged in, Gabby? Is it worth the hassle of contacting Admissions for a password or not?</p>