<p>I thought I remember this already being discussed but I couldn't find the thread: What is the correct way to address mail? The website is VERY misleading because it gives two distinctly different styles:</p>

<p>style A) Name, Dorm & Rm Number, Box #, Durham NC 27708</p>

<p>style B) Name, P.O. Box #, Duke University, Durham NC 27708</p>

<p>They seem too different to both be right.</p>

<p>either one works, to be quite honest. i usually do something closer to style A (maybe duke university gets thrown in there somewhere), especially when ordering packages off the internet, since sometimes those are delivered via ups or fed ex and go straight to your room -- so have your room and po box info on it.</p>

<p>Exactly - UPS/Fedex/DHL will NOT deliver to PO boxes (and will leave you a nice little postcard explaining why) - only the USPS does. Also, you don't actually need to write "Duke University," mainly due to the fact that the 27708 zip code is for all of Duke University. So, as bluestar said, it's a good idea to put PO Box, Building/Room #, Durham, NC, 27708 for orders and such, but if someone just wants to send you a letter, you only need to give them PO Box, Durham, NC, 27708.</p>

<p>I have a question regarding where to send our stuff (big boxes w/ the things we'll need in our dorm room)...Do we send this to our own PO Box at our hall and pick it up when it arrives? From what Lex it doesn't appear that we do that. I am pretty lost as to how and where we ship or stuff so please someone help out.</p>

<p>I forgot to mention how packages worked - sorry! If you ship a package via USPS, it will be delivered to the post office below the Marketplace (also where all of the PO boxes are located) - you will receive an email from Duke Postal Service telling you that you have one and to pick it up there.</p>

<p>however, with boxes that you want for the beginning of the year, be careful... the Duke post office is not accepting packages before a certain date, so I'd suggest having a parent ship it out to arrive a day or two after you move in.</p>

<p>For current students: Did any of you ship items before you arrived on campus? Where to? I'm trying to figure out if/how I can do it. I called Duke today, and we can't ship packages to campus until August 22nd (the day we arrive) or later. I'd like to ship things before that date though, since my mommabear will be in Durham a few days ahead of time and will be able to pick it up early & store it with her in her hotel.</p>