<p>Hi, i want to do mailing with tracking. I know UPS does it but i dont know where it is =(. Does anyone know where it is or where i can find another service with mail tracking? THakns</p>

<p>There's a UPS Store in the commons.</p>

<p>You can also mail it w/ delivery confirmation at the Post Market on campus.</p>

<p>whats delivery confirmation >.></p>

<p>Confirmation of... delivery.</p>

<p>did OP mean United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS)? They both (as well as Fedex) have "tracking" of a sort. UPS (and Fedex, arguably the best of the bunch) give you a tracking number at no extra charge and let you watch the progress of your item on line. Updates are pretty much in real time. The only time there's a void is when you send something by ground and it spends several days on a truck. You know it's on the truck but don't get an update until the truck gets unloaded. Otherwise you get to micromanage the journey and see when (and to whom) it was delivered if you ask for a signature.</p>

<p>USPS otoh will sell you a tracking number form for 65 cents and it has to be used for priority mail, which costs another $4.85 iirc. The USPS service generally doesn't "track" anything enroute - if you're lucky (most of the time) you'll see when it's been delivered. I've had one never be shown as having been delivered, although the recipient got it. </p>

<p>If it's important, send it Fedex (or UPS). If saving a few dollars is important go ahead and use USPS. Get a priority mail envelope from them and a green tracking number form and the correct total postage. Put the tracking sticker on the envelope (they seem to put it with the bar code showing on the address side, in the lower left corner) and you're good to go.</p>

<p>Thanks! I'll go check it out tomorrow.</p>