Mailing the Paper App

<p>This is probably a dumb question (no doubt I am being too obsessive), but anyhoo, is it ok if I mail my app in a 9x12 envelope as opposed to the tiny, folded, creased envelope that came with the app? I don't want to fold my application and I think the envelope is going to be very bulky (app + 5 sheets of essays and other stuff I couldn't fit on the app) . Also, are you guys using regular mail or a special mail service (first class, priority,?)? Will Princeton send us notification when our app is received? Can we call and ask? </p>


<p>I sent mine online, but I sent my "What else" form in the envelope they gave us. I think it's fine if you do it in a 9x12 envelope. Just use sufficient postage. Speaking of which, one stamp is enough for the envelope they gave us right? I had three pages in there and I figured it wasn't that heavy but now I'm getting paranoid...</p>

<p>As for special mail service, I don't think that's necessary, my counselor actually advised against it, because since some of those things have to be signed, it might actually take longer.</p>

<p>Our school mails ours for us, but they charged a $1 for postage per app. So I'm assuming they'd be using a large, 9x12 ish envelope. Besides, creases aren't as polished looking.</p>

<p>I'm glad to see another paper applicant - I just couldn't wrap my head around applying online; I needed the tangible paper!</p>

<p>I need to do paper, too, b/c I'm inserting some painting scans into the text of the essays...weird, I know...but it looks ok, and since I'm talking about art, it only makes sense.</p>

<p>That's such a creative idea! Are they paintings you have done?</p>

<p> can see a few of them here (I've only put up about 1/4 of my paintings; it takes too long to scan them)
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>is that a picture of urself or did u paint that? cuz if it is a painting...its really good lol</p>

<p>i dont know anything about art</p>

<p>u are really good at drawing faces wow...i cant even draw like a rectangle...good thing im not in art</p>

<p>that's a picture of me :) (bad idea, now I think of it....well, at least you all might recognize me if we meet on campus.)
thanks, though
If you go to the 2nd page, you can see two I did of Princeton...I'm putting those into the text, definitely...haha..that reader will probably think I'm a suck-up, but they'll know I love Princeton!</p>

<p>haha i wish i could sketch pictures of princeton :-(</p>

<p>wow they're really good!! </p>

<p>And you look like someone from my school, only prettier, lol. </p>

<p>Ok I'm gonna go before you think I'm hitting on you =)</p>

<p>Those are gorgeous, I wish I could paint half as well!</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing them with us - you are very talented.</p>

<p>kebree's paintings, as the girls in my band put it so eloquently, rock my toesocks off. May I have your electronic autograph?</p>

<p>thanks, you all! (or should I keep playin' the kentuckian and just say y'all?..nah)
I can only hope the Princeton art dept. liked them as much...when I went in there (btw, it was great, we just walked in and someone ran over and took us on a 1 hr private tour of all the studios), nearly all of the paintings were abstract. I'm sure they're open to everything, but if the focus is on originality, then I don't look so good...then again, it is nearly impossible to be really 'original' these days--even the most 'shocking' thing I could come up with would probably have been done somewhere already. I'm glad I don't see that as the main point of art (though it is important).</p>

<p>Haha, Zant, thanks...I'm so glad we aren't superficial types ;) jk</p>

<p>kebree, awesome portfolio. You can get into the top art schools with that. Also, how did you scan your pieces online? I'd like to get my portfolio up to show a few friends and relatives who don't live in my area, but obviously, slides don't scan well. Did you get slides of your work digitized?</p>

<p>lol me? superficial? pfftt</p>

<p>Just saw your new post. I wouldn't worry at all that most Princeton art students' work are abstract. Your portfolio illustrates a high level and breath of technique, which is most important, imho. You're going to get top reviews. I'm still amazed you have 50+ pieces you're sending in. Do you spend all your free time in an art studio? Haha.</p>

<p>those are outstanding, I love your art. i want to buy your princeton one (i can't believe that's watercolor!)</p>

<p>no slides...I sat there for hours and scanned them with a flatbed scanner...ughh...then I pasted partial scans of the large ones together (you can tell if you look closely).
A digital camera works better, but I didn't have one...just take the pics in natural light (if possible, on an overcast day to eliminate glare) and make sure you are standing far enough back that the pictures don't show up warped.
I used a friend's camera for the large Sargent one (people on the beach) and the large British manor one ('Wakehurst' place).</p>

<p>Yeah, c_j, I actully live in a 'studio,' to be room has an easel set up, so I paint for hours-- sometimes like 10am to 10-12pm--it's exhausting, but when I get carried away...</p>

<p>Yeah, if I get in, I'll credit it to the Princeton watercolors...the adcom apparently likes to be flattered, and that counts as flattery, no doubt =)
Should I do a drawing of a tiger and send it with my app? jk</p>

<p>Uck. That scanning job is too much work for me. Haha.</p>

<p>10AM to 10PM? Oh, that's right. You're homeschooled! Yeah, I was wondering where you've found time to finish so many pieces. I usually can only fit 3-9 hours a week for painting into my schedule (which isn't enough time, at all). :( But I know what you mean about getting immersed into a piece and then working away for hours. Happens to me during the summer....</p>