Major Advice (Sophomore considering med school, dental school, and business)

Hello, I am a sophomore that needs some guidance. As you can tell from the title, I still haven’t narrowed down which of those three pathways (med school, dental school, business) to take in the future.

I have a few potential majors that I narrowed down to, and I would appreciate some advice on which which combination would look good in the eyes of my “employer” or admissions committee but also keep my options “wide”. The main problem that I’m having with choosing my major is that I don’t want to choose a major that would force down a certain path and limit my options for certain careers. I’m not sure if what I said makes total sense, but for example, I’m wary of majoring in something like biology because what if after I graduate, I suddenly don’t think med school or dental school is for me, but because I majored in something so specific, I would have a hard time trying to get into business. Or vice versa, if I double majored in marketing, would that be frowned upon by med school admissions?

I feel as though combining a liberal arts degree and a business school degree would be optimal because it wouldn’t limit my future options. Please let me know what you think. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post.

Potential majors:
Healthcare management
Organization and Strategic Management
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Korean Language and Culture (random, I know, but it’s something that I enjoy learning about)

  1. Although a door is never truly closed and many things can be had if you’re willing to invest the time and resources into retraining…at some point, you DO kind of have to choose. It’s OK to close (or crack) some doors, as long as the ones you’re opening are ones you’re truly interested in. My major and classes in college meant that I probably couldn’t go get an engineering school without significant time retraining/taking new classes, but…that’s OK because that’s not what I wanted to do.

You can’t keep all options equally open forever.

  1. That said, a biology major can go into business. It’s not necessarily harder than if you have a business major. “Business” is just a catch-all term for “selling goods and services.” There are many, many people who work in business and the vast majority of us did not major in business. I work in tech; the industry abounds with pre-meds who changed their mind.

Giving you advice on what majors would look good is impossible without knowing what you want to do. Medical schools are not really going to care about your major; they’re going to care about your GPA, how you did in your pre-medical classes and on the MCAT. Dental school is similar. People with all kinds of majors go to medical and dental school.

So that means you should only major in biology if you actually like it. It doesn’t sound like you are actually interested in majoring in biology, so that’s probably not for you.

Any of the majors you selected would be good options for being pre-med or pre-dental and doing lots of other things. (Korean language and culture may be a little more difficult to settle into something, but that can be very useful in international relations or business.

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