MAJOR BLUNDER!Please advice :(

<p>FML FML.I sent an email asking some questions to Yale.Then stupid me copied and pasted the same email and sent it to some other colleges as well.Guess what?The email had the name "YALE" in it!
What do i do??Major freaking out right now.I just got an email back from one of the other colleges correcting my mistake.
Have i completely messed up my chances at all the other colleges(*very prestigious ones that too)??
Please advice..</p>

<p>Hahaha Harvard would not appreciate that. If it would make you feel better, make a new email address as long as they don't have your name.</p>

<p>Um.They have my name AND address.aaaargh.</p>

<p>CAN i change my email address??Its the same on collegeboard though.How can i change that?</p>

<p>Does the admissions committee actually chrck what contact you have had with the college while evaluating your app?Do they keep a record of all your mails??
Maybe,i should just bombard them with emails or something so that this one gets sunk to the bottom of the list??</p>

<p>Please may I have some advice??</p>

<p>I think most adults would tell you to relax and not repeat your mistake. Not much you can do about the e-mails you've already sent.</p>

<p>Would it be possible to change my email address and still have my collegeboard scores?I mean...would my SAT scores on my old email still apply?Then how would the college know that theyre my scores??Could somebody please help me out with this?</p>

<p>"Please may I have some advice??"</p>

<p>Don't do it again.</p>

<p>What exactly did you think we could come up with for you... It's done. </p>

<p>Some schools may laugh, some may be offended, but you won't be the first or last to do it. I guess one good thing is that I doubt it makes as much difference at top schools as it does at schools that care about expressed interest.</p>

<p>You mean Harvard,Yale,Princeton,Dartmouth,Brown and Grinnell dont care about interest?
I thought they were the most who kept a record about how much you contacted them?Please correct me if im mistaken..i hope im wrong though!</p>

<p>Breath, sigh, move on. It was an error you will not make again. Many students copy and paste. This wasn't on your application. If you want, you can easily change your email with College Board. Sign on to your account and change it in your account information. I wouldn't kill the old email though. Keep an eye on it to see what still feeds into it. You can take time to send new acct. info to any sender you don't want to cut ties to.</p>

<p>News news!
I wrote this in the starting-
"I am an International Student from India planning to apply to Yale this Fall."
I just got an email from Harvard saying-
"Greetings! The 2010 application season is now closed. Our 2011 viewbooks and applications will be available in July of 2010."</p>

<p>Nothing more! Just a few links to their guidebooks,etc.They didnt even read the email properly and assumed that i want to join THIS Fall!
Do they even keep track of the msgs a potential applicant has sent them then?</p>

<p>Just a note, you can apply to colleges with a different email address than the one listed with collegeboard. It really won't affect you as long as your name stays the same as the one listed with collegeboard.</p>

<p>All schools judge level of interest for themselves. Harvard doesn't care at all and Brown thinks it's very important.</p>

<p>You can look up the level interest considered for each school on their "Common Data Set" - search for it on their website. (CC also has a thread about CDS)</p>

<p>Some very good but unique schools care about expressed interest because they want to make sure that you know that more than attending a class will be required.</p>

<p>Dear IM-perfect pixie, it's NOT that big of deal. Just don't make this mistake on your essays and you will be fine. They care a lot more about your stats, essays, and resume than about making a goof on an e-mail. If you get rejected at any of those schools, it will not be because of this!</p>

<p>Harvard may just think you're applying to Yale, as you said, and maybe you're curious about Harvard, too. They will try to win you over. They will pursue you. They will offer you admission and steal you away from Yale. This is about as likely as them crossing your application out. People make mistakes, and you can just say you accidentally hit the wrong email contact when you sent that message out. If they ever asked. Which I bet they won't. What would be a problem would be if you included something like this in an admissions essay. Or interview "I want to go to Yale because..." "<em>ahem</em> Harvard" "Ah, Harvard is it? Okay, I want to go to Harvard because..."</p>

<p>Hey guys..youve been ever so sweet to offer me your advice!Thanks a lot! :)
ncmentor-Thanks for the tip..i never knew that!
jshain-whew!thanks for the support !
BillyMc-I found your post to be quite funny,hehe :D</p>

<p>Email bomb all the recipients to wipe out their servers, then your emails will never get read.</p>