Major Change

<p>I just checked my application status and my major changed from Business to Undeclared. And my college now says Division of General Studies. I got deferred btw. Does this mean that I am now not being considered for Business and that my decision will be for DGS?</p>

<p>that means you did not get into the business school and now they are considering you for general studies. you can try and transfer into business after freshman year. a lot of freshmen do that because business is hard to get into</p>

<p>yea that probably means that you didnt make it into the business school. You can apply after you complete your freshman year, but admission still isn't a for sure thing. It is still very competitive to get into after freshman year.</p>

<p>K thanks for your replies
So do you think I have a chance for acceptance come next friday?</p>

32 ACT
(36 M, 33 E, 32 S, 31 R) (33 Superscored)
3.47 Weighted GPA
3.03 Unweighted GPA
Great ECs
10 APs total
mostly honors classes
Really good essays</p>

<p>you'll for sure get into general. it's very good that you challenged yourself. good ACT as well. I'm guessing your weighted GPA was maybe a little low for the business school. did u have any C's?</p>

<p>Yes, unfortunately haha
I got 5 C's</p>

<p>if you don't get in that would be the reason you don't but I think you'll still get
in with your ACT score</p>

<p>You will get in. Act score is way too high for you not to get into DGS</p>

<p>good luck man</p>

<p>yeah thanks
I hope my ACT score helps a lot
just gotta hold tight for 5 days haha</p>

<p>I saw this thread and my friend who got deferred said his major was still the same, does that mean he will get into that major?</p>

<p>it means he's still being considered for his major which is good. if they deny him for his major he can still get into general studies because everyone is automatically considered for general studies if they don't get into there desired major</p>

<p>Illini, if his major is now undeclared, and his college is DGS, then he is no longer being considered for business. Ibanker, now you get the chance to prove them wrong by getting the grades to transfer into business at the end of your first year. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>I know Balthezar I was answering the question above me...</p>

<p>Sorry Illini. I didn't see that, but all comments should really be directed to the OP. Otherwise, the thread gets diffused. It encourages hijacking.</p>

<p>whats hijacking....</p>

<p>When a thread gets a change in topic due to someone else.</p>

<p>Balthezar I hope you're not serious about the hijacking....</p>