Major Change

<p>I was accepted but on the app I had put that I wanted to be an Electrical Engineering major. Afterwards I started becoming interested in Computer Science. Is it possible to start off my term as a Computer Science major or will I have to stay as an EE major for a bit?</p>

<p>You can change your major at preview - you are not locked into electrical at all.</p>

<p>You can change your major any time, probably even right now if you were to email advisors. It's doesn't affect much though. You can still take whatever classes you want</p>

<p>Majors dont exactly limit classes you can take. I posted that I wanted to do chemistry. Since then I switched to physics. My roomate put EE and has switched to physics but I think hes officially EE still. Haha he's crazy though</p>

<p>Oh, awesome. Thanks guys.</p>