Major change

I was admitted on 1-27. On my application I chose a major of chemistry in letters and sciences. I was accepted to that college. I have decided that I would now like to study engineering. How should I go about changing majors and schools. Should I wait to talk to a counselor at SOAR or should I email/call someone from admissions, and if so who would I contact? Any help would be appreciated thank you.

I would email someone from admissions. SOAR is based on your major, so you do not want to wait that long. Email at or call at 608-262-3961 and someone will be happy to help you. @badger23

It won’t affect my admissions will it?

You are admitted to the university as a whole, regardless of your proposed major/school/college. Stating a major helps in assigning your SOAR advisor. Therefore changing your major now can be helpful but has no effect on being admitted.

Okay thanks for all the help.

It should not affect your admission. Though different colleges within UW have different requirements, I’ve found changing majors to be a relatively painless process. I agree: best to contact real, live humans at SOAR / in your proposed college for assistance. So long as you take the initiative, and do the coursework, they should be helpful and supportive.