Major change

So i’m still waiting on a decisions for Fullerton, but I decided I want to apply into a different major. What’s the best way to address this? Should I wait for them to give me a decision on my other major, or contact the admissions office by email or phone call?

If your application is in the process of being reviewed, you cannot change your major but can try and contact admissions to be sure. It will also depend upon what major you originally applied and which major you want to change into that will determine what you need to do. CSUF is an impacted campus which means all majors are impacted. Either way, your application may require an additional review due to the major change.

@Gumbymom Tysm! do you recommend that I call them to make sure about the process? Either way thank you so much for the info!

I would definitely call them since it may be too late to change your major and knowing that upfront may impact your choice on colleges.