Major choice question

<p>Hello, I was just curious as to if anybody knows how much the major you select on the common app effects your admission chances at Northeastern? For example, I'm interested in the business program (marketing), but my math grades in high school are probably the weakest part of my transcript( no f's or anything, but there was a "d" for one of my final exams). Should I put communications, which is another filed I'm interested in but not my first choice, as the major because the math grades aren't as important for that major? Or do they not take majors that much into consideration? If I'm not accepted into the marketing program, will I still be considered for admission? Thank you in advance for any info or feedback.</p>

<p>Northeastern does accept students by school and they must have counts of how many they admit to each school. Communications and Business would be in two different schools. They also have an undeclared program (no specific school) which you can enter into. I suggest applying to the school you see yourself best fitting into. Yes, once you are in you can change majors and take classes from any of the schools.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input kiddie</p>

<p>I would recommend applying to the college you definitely want to be in. Northeastern makes it very hard to transfer from one school to another. Its not hard to change majors within a school, but because of the coop requirements, it is hard to change schools.</p>