Major for Business/Journalism Career

So at my top choice college, where I was admitted and hope to attend (Fordham University) I was admitted to the Gabelli School of Business. My major as of right now is Business Administration with a concentration in Communication and Media Management. I also plan on minoring in journalism.

Would this be a good track to take to get into a journalism/media career? My ultimate goal would be to become a news correspondent, but I dont feel completely secure just majoring in journalism since its a very specific major in an extremely competitive field. I feel that having a business background gives me something to fall back on.

Basically what Im asking is, would this type of education give me the potential to become a news reporter, correspondent, or writer? Thanks!

Which Primary Concentration are you doing? I’m seeing Communications and Media Management as a Secondary Concentration:

Communications and Media Management paired with a Journalism minor might be overkill, depending on how many courses the former entails. You can enter journalism with no media/journalism courses at all (internships are the key), so consider adding more “primary” courses and getting more subject matter expertise within business, like econ or finance or marketing.

@jjohnross You can major in anything you want. The single most important preparation for a career in journalism is deep experience on a student newspaper or broadcast station.