Major for medical school but interested in athletic training?

<p>So I have heard that the general consensus for medical school is majoring in biology or a more general science but I am very interested in majoring in something related to exercise science, physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, athletic training BUT not PT related as I have hopes of going into sports medicine/surgeon. Help? As an athlete, I had my college recruitment for hockey and/or lacrosse cut off short by injuries this year and I have always had a strong interest in sports, exercise physiology and the body before/during/after exercise. What major should I be looking at?</p>

<p>Also, should I be looking into special programs for these kind of majors? As a junior in HS, I am currently looking at BU, Northeastern, a couple SUNY's (Stony Brook, Binghamton, Buffalo), Amherst, NYU, GWU...</p>

<p>Choosing an academic major like biology, economics, history, english, etc. is usually a better choice than more vocational majors like exercise science and kinesiology. However, you can major in anything as long as you finish all the prereqs for med school.</p>

<p>Make sure the colleges you are applying to offer your intended major(s). Many of the colleges you listed don't have programs in the athletic training/exercise science/kinesiology area.</p>

<p>But the thing is I am not sure yet if that's what I want to do since Med Schools prefer bio majors? However I don't really want to major in bio because I am more interested in the body and bio and physiology instead of ALL of bio... So I know BU has an athletic training/sports medicine major along with Northeastern and I have heard that U of M:Amherst has a good exercise science program? But are these programs/majors just things that anyone can choose after being admitted or are they special programs that I have to apply for that's even harder than applying just as a regular student??</p>

<p>I don't know if it's true that med schools prefer bio majors, or if the majority of med students choose to be bio majors for other reasons. You could talk to a pre-med adviser and find out.</p>

<p>I personally think it's a good idea to major in something you are interested in while completing the pre-med requirements. Most pre-med students never make it to med school and have to make a career out of their undergraduate major. It's great if your major lends itself to a backup career, and even better if it's actually related to medicine!</p>

<p>Northeastern's athletic training program is being phased out and does no longer accept new students. They still have a 6-year physical therapy program. Keep in mind though that med school will add another 4 years to your formal education plus 3-5 years of residency. Maybe you don't want to spend 6 years on your undergraduate education if your ultimate goal is to become a surgeon.</p>

But are these programs/majors just things that anyone can choose after being admitted or are they special programs that I have to apply for that's even harder than applying just as a regular student??


That will vary by school. At BU you would have to apply directly to the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, either as an athletic training major or undeclared. If you wanted to switch to a bio major later, you would have to apply for an intra-university transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences.</p>

<p>You have to check each college individually. As a rule of thumb, it is generally a lot easier to transfer into the College of Arts and Sciences (e.g. for bio) than to transfer into a more specialized program. Arts and science majors are set up with a lot of flexibility (most colleges don't even require their arts and science majors to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year!) while professional degree programs are usually more structured and may require your full commitment from day one.</p>

<p>OK, last question, if on collegeboard the Athletic training/sports medicine MAJOR is listed under BU, NEU, etc... does that mean that athletic training/sports medicine can be my MAJOR? Or does that mean that they just have a special program? Could I just gain regular admittance to BU or NE and just be a major in athletic training/sports medicine (if that major helps me acquire the prerequisites for med school) or could I maybe be really ambitious and do a double major in athletic training/ sports medicine and in biology or something like that?</p>

<p>You have to check the nature of each program yourself. You also have to check if it's possible and practical to double-major in biology and athletic training. Athletic training and biology will usually taught by different colleges within a university. It may or may not be allowed to combine programs from different colleges, and it may not be feasible at all. (On top of the requirements for each major, you might have to complete two different sets of general education requirements, one for each college.)</p>

<p>And please verify the academic information that Collegeboard provides about each institution. (For example, Collegeboard does not tell you that NEU's athletic training program is being terminated.)</p>

<p>you can major in anything you'd like. as long as you take the pre–med required courses, have the research experience, MCAT scores, recs, etc... med schools won't care if you majored in underwater basketweaving. in fact, declaring a major outside of biology and chemistry might actually help you as it builds in course breadth, so you don't seem like every other bio/chem major.</p>

<p>off the top of my head, you can look into Pitt for sports medicine as their associated medical school (which is top ranked at #15 i believe) and hospital (UPMC) provide sports medicine for the Pittsburgh Stealers.</p>