Major for someone who doesn't care for studying animals and botany

I want to attend PA school after undergrad. I am interested in human sciences; I would choose biology as a major, but I don’t really care for taking classes about botany and animals. I would like to focus my study on humans and health sciences because I find that way more interesting.
My options are human biology, health sciences, and public health. Anyone in either of those majors and could give some input or recommend one over the others?
I know majors don’t really matter for grad school, as long as you enjoy what you are learning and take all the pre-reqs, but is it worth it to be a general bio major if I don’t want to learn about plants and animals?

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The problem is that schools differ vary on the content of their majors, even if they both offer the same major. For example, some schools’s Biology majors have a more general-education focused curriculum, where they want students to be exposed to the different areas of Biology (botany, zoology, physiology etc.) while others give students more freedom when picking courses.

If you’re currently a freshman, the best thing to do is to research the course plans for each of those majors at your university (most schools have this on the university catalog, department website etc.) and narrow your choices down to take the intro courses for those maybe 2 majors (while still meeting general ed and pre-PA requirements) in your first few semesters so that you can decide after learning more about what’s taught in each major.

Upperclassmen & advisors in the departments you’re interested in are also a fabulous source of advice about the major, as well as preparing for pre-PA school (check with your health professions advising department as well, if your school has one.)

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