Major help needed

<p>okay i took the SAT for the first time in june and my scores were</p>

<p>CR 580
Math 610
writing 590</p>

<p>this is good i think but not good enough I want to redo it in October as I think tht's best so i can get scholarships as i am international are there any good books, games, or anything that can do to improve my score to 2000 (i'll settle for 1900) and please if ur going to say tht tht is impossible then don't comment cuz with a little faith and hard work i know it can happen.... also anyone know a good study plan ???</p>

<p>help anyone??</p>

<p>For reading, practice practice practice using the blue book, second blue book, past QAS. Review them VERY VERY thoroughly. For vocab., I would recommend Direct Hits since it is lauded on this forum.... Math, I used to score around your score and al of a sudden I just started scoring 700+. I used the blue book and there was a site where it gave you the explanations to all the math problems in the first blue book. I forgot what the site was but i'll link it later when i find it. Then for writing, I had a tutor for that so I don't know what books to recommend, but after reading through a few of the threads people are saying Barron's has a good review of grammar rules. </p>

<p>My essays would look something like this:
First paragraph: Give an opening statement about the topic, but don't answer it right away. Second sentence would then be about whether you agree or disagree with the given topic. Then introduce your examples. (I always write 3. Usually 2 on books and 1 movie or sometimes a prominent figure) Then write your thesis statement.</p>

<p>Second Paragraph: First example (REMEMBER TO ALWAYS USE TRANSITION!! like: for example, furthermore, finally, nevertheless)</p>

<p>Third Paragraph: Second example (Again don't forget transition words)</p>

<p>Fourth Paragraph: Third example (again... transition words)</p>

<p>Fifth paragraph: conclusion. restate the topic. write briefly how the examples relate to the topic. close with a reworded, different version of your thesis.</p>

<p>I did all this and got an 11.</p>

<p>Thank you.... what is QAS and the diff between BB 1 and BB2 (like a picture or something please)</p>

<p>QAS is past released SAT tests. you can buy them for October, January (?), and June. the blue book is the official SAT study guide. just buy that from like borders. it contains 10 tests.</p>

<p>I second the suggestion to buy the blue book, it's invaluable.</p>

<p>okay thank you :) ...any other advice ?</p>

<p>Your biggest friend is practice and determination. Set up a practice schedule, try and do a little every day so you're not overwhelmed. Take as many practice tests as you can and don't be discouraged by low results your first times. If you really put forth the effort, you'll get your score boost.</p>