Major help!

Heys guys! I was just accepted in MSU this fall as a transfer. I am in need of some advice. So, I am currently a sociology major. I am heavily considering becoming a lawyer but I’m am very fearful due to what I hear about job prospects and what not. So, I was wanting to double major in something more lucrative but I’m not sure what. I’m not really good at the maths and sciences in particular but I was considering Econ, Urban and Regional Planning, or Media and Information with a concentration on the IT side of it. I’m heading into my junior year and I’m super nervous about what to do with my life. Law seems perfect and ideal for me but from what I hear I’m terrified of making a mistake. If anyone could give me any advice on being a lawyer, the majors I listed, or any other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


Don’t worry about making a mistake. LIfe is a series of mistakes. You learn and grow from them. You adjust and adapt, then move on. Fear of failure leads to paralysis.

Walt Disney, John D. Rockefeller, George Foreman, Dorothy Hamilton, Martha Stewart, and Larry King are just a few of the people who went bankrupt before they bounced back and made it big. Michael Bloomberg was fired from his job at age 39 before he got the idea of the network that has made him a billionaire. Take advantage of opportunities, but know that there are no guarantees. Courage. Be brave.