Major in Finance

<p>I have just begin to look into the finance major and I'm just wondering what are the most popular jobs that students look for with a major in finance? Do all jobs relate to business/econ? thanks!</p>

<p>Investment Banking!</p>

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<p>i really dont like is majoring in finance suitable? also, i heard that by taking a computer science class, one can increase their chances of getting a job</p>

<p>Also, go to and look at job postings in the finance field. You can get some idea what many employers look for.</p>

<p>should i double major in accounting/finance or chinese/finance?</p>

<p>it depends on you. what are your priorities? what kind of jobs are you looking towards? what is the purpose of a double major (doesn't necessarily mean you will receive a better job offer)?</p>

<p>well, i really like math and i've talked to a few people and they told me to go into financing and i feel that if i can speak another language (esp. chinese) then it would help when applying for a job. I wanted to become an accountant but i've read and heard that it's not as great which is why i've decided to look into finance...any suggestions? thanks!</p>

<p>well i'm a finance major looking into either investment banking or investment management. speaking another language will help you...if travel to another country. if you plan on staying in the US, i wouldn't bother.</p>

<p>check out this website for careers in the finance industry:
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<p>would it hurt that i am not taking AP Econ in my senior year?</p>

<p>no it wouldnt. take econ when your in college</p>

<p>Isn't 80% of finance just econ? Since finance is sort of applied (micro?) economics....I would think about majoring in finance thoroughly if you don't like econ.</p>

<p>they go hand in hand. im a finance major with a minor in economics (although i may be double majoring).</p>

<p>thefireballkid: i want to ask you questions..but i have no idea what to ask...are you currently enjoying finance? and what types of courses do you take? is it hard? thanks!</p>

<p>i enjoy finance a lot. the reason being that i enjoy studying equities and anything related to securities. as for the classes, they are not hard for the most part but i'll be taking the higher level courses next semester. </p>

<p>you shouldn't judge courses and majors by their difficulty. anything can be difficult, just means you have to put in the extra effort. let me know if you have more questions.</p>

<p>No, Finance is far from microeconomics. Heck, you don't even use as much microeconomics as you do macroeconomics. Finance and economics are two different fields, but both demonstrate analytical abilities that employers look for. They are only similar in that both fields require a heavy dose of mathematics.</p>

<p>so..what do people do in finance?</p>

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<p>this will show the kinds of careers you can look into as a finance major.</p>

<p>what if i attend UCLA..should i major in economics or mathematics/economics?...sorry if some of the questions i'm asking sound naive or stupid..i just recently began to look into yea thanks!</p>

<p>no its fine. these arent dumb questions at all--i wish i had looked for advice like you are when i was a junior =/</p>

<p>since i dont know much about UCLA (besides it being a really good school), economics would not be a bad choice. the choice is up to you</p>

<p>PM me for my s/n if you wish to speak to me about finance.</p>