Major in Statistics/Economics or Actuarial Science?

<p>I am currently majoring in Mathematics at a community college. I plan to transfer for fall of 2012 to another institution. Before I make my decision on where I would like to apply to, I would like to have an idea of what I would want to major in. I have made up my mind on not continuing in mathematics for my bachelor's. I took a Statistics for Business and Economics course last semester as an upper level math elective and I was very engaged and interested in the class. As a result, I would like to major in statistics. The main reason I majored in Mathematics was so that I could pursue actuarial work. I'm aware that there are schools that offer Actuary Science as a degree. However, I do not want to be limited to just actuarial work if for some reason I am not able to pass the exams. A professor of mine told me that if I were to major in actuarial science I would gain a better understanding of the exams and I would be more prepared. My only fear is that the exams will be too difficult and I will be left with an actuarial science degree and jobless. I decided I would like to major in Statistics and Economics and if I were still interested in actuarial work, I could take some preparation classes and study after receiving my bachelor's degree for the exams. At least if I am unable to pass the exams, I am left with a statistics and economics degree. I'm looking for some insight on which path would be better in the long-run. To some actuaries out there, did you major in actuarial science or some other math related degree? I would appreciate any help and advice.</p>

<p>I would go with Statistics and Economics because you can still study for and take actuarial exams. I heard many statistician jobs require master's degree though.</p>

<p>Thank you for your input. Also, I've done some research and have found that some schools offer risk management as a major. Anyone know if majoring in risk management or actuarial science will give me an edge towards becoming an actuary or will any of the majors I mentioned be sufficient enough?</p>

<p>An actuarial-specific major is not necessary to work in the actuarial field, but sufficient math, statistics, economics, and finance is needed. You may want to look around the following web site for suggestions on courses to take:</p>

<p>What</a> To Study | Be an Actuary
VEE</a> Requirements | Be an Actuary</p>