major prep and igetc

<p>is it a huge advantage to have major prep and igetc all finished by summer before applying?</p>

<p>which is more important to finish before applying (if one could be finished before applying)?</p>

<p>btw i know this may have been a topic before..sry for being repetitive but lets be real: I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO SORT THE FORUMS LOOKING FOR ANSWERS. its not a matter of laziness, its just not worth it...</p>

<p>come on..i know somebody has the answer..nobody knows the answer!? or are you guys protesting the fact that i'm being too lazy to dig up the info....</p>

<p>which would be better to have completed before applying?? igetc or major prep work?</p>

<p>it's a mystery rapped in a riddle inside an enigma</p>

<p>incorrect pellman.</p>

<p>As for your question, it's WAY WAY WAY more important to finish your MAJOR PREP courses. Here's how they see it.</p>

<p>For IGETC, the adcom will only look if you will be able to complete it by Spring before your enrollment to the school you transferred to. If you complete it before the summer, GREAT, but it won't give you any significant advantage over those who hasn't completed it.</p>

<p>Now for prep courses, adcoms WILL look at the grade as one of their main components. Even if you get All A's in all other IGETC courses, but get like bunch of B's and C's with no A's for your PREP courses, adcom's won't like it at all. </p>

<p>so for your question, PREP courses FIRST. And THEN IGETC.</p>

<p>Let's say Student A has all his IGETC completed by summer, but only has one prep course completed, and he still has 4 more to complete.</p>

<p>Student B has ALL her Prep courses completed, but is only half way through her IGETC requirement.</p>

<p>Which student will have the advantage in the admission?
Definitely Student B.</p>

<p>I mean, it's really a common sense. </p>

<p>The purpose of Prep courses is to prepare the student for the major itself. And if the student doesn't have majority of them completed, adcom will have NO idea whether the student is prepared for the major or not, so the student becomes the second choice over the students who has their prep courses completed.</p>

<p>But seriously, whether you complete it by the summer or by the end of fall, it won't matter much. Unlike the freshman applicants, UC adcoms don't start reviewing the transfer applications until like January, and by then, you'll already have gave them your Fall semester grade, so they'll consider all those grades (1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester grades) for admission.</p>

<p>What you DONT want to is not finishing your Prep courses before the FALL semester. you want to have them completed by the end of fall. Spring will be too late. Spring grade is just to see if you are slacking or not. They don't really care about your grade (as long as it's not below 3.0) once they have already admitted you.</p>

<p>Here's what I recommend you to do:</p>

<p>1st semester:</p>

One IGETC course</p>

<p>2nd semester:</p>

Take one or two major RELATED courses (such as Intro to Business or Accounting, which are NOT part of IGETC)
If you still got some space left for your schedule, fill it up with IGETC course</p>

<p>3rd semester: (you'll already have all you major prep courses completed by then)</p>

<p>ONE major related courses
Fill the rest with IGETC</p>

<p>4th semester: (the semester before you transfer)

<p>*If you don't think this is enough to complete IGETC, take winter session to make up for it.</p>

<p>thanks a lot...luckily for me, all the courses i am taking this semester (4 classes) fulfill major prep AND IGETC = ) i have a good start. thanks for info, again.</p>