Major Problem! Need Help and Advice

<p>I got accepted to UCI; however, I just received my housing contract for the undergraduate housing office. There is a $350 reservation fee for just completing the housing contract, and this fee cannot be applied towards a financial aid award letter. Thus if I don't have that kind of money off hand, how should I got about obtaining the fee or who should I contact. By the way, I have already talked to the housing department and they said that the fee is nonrefundable. The fee is due by June 9th.</p>

<p>This is a pretty typical fee to reserve your space in the dorms.</p>

<p>Ask them if they have emergency loan services - some schools will loan you a small amount of money (usually less than $1,000), cash, to take care of expenses that need to be paid before your student loan comes in. For some schools the process is more formal than others - for example, with me, I just asked, they gave me the check, and I paid them back when I had the money, no interest. For other schools there's a loan period, a little bit of interest, and penalties, etc.</p>

<p>The Bursar's Office at the school should be able to let you know if they do this.</p>

<p>Most schools also accept payment by credit card.</p>