Major reqs in the Spring

I am applying for a math intensive major (compsci), however my AP Calc BC score was delayed until mid September and I wasn’t able to take any of my math classes that I was planning on taking this semester. This is leaving me with 4 out the 5 major reqs to be completed in the Spring. Am I in trouble? Should I mention this unfortunate situation, or do UC’s not really care if you take these classes in the Spring? I will be finished with IGETC this semester and I have a 4.0

Some UC’s are more flexible than others when it comes to major prep completion but in general, to be the most competitive applicant, completing as many major prep courses prior to Spring is in your best interest.

are you trying to do a one-year transfer? That alone is more difficult because UC only has 1 semester instead of 3 to look at how you do in CC. Add to that no grades for 4 out of 5 major reqs and you are really facing a headwind for admission.

Well technically yes, although I have been taking courses since Summer of 2020 so there is way more than 1 semester of grades.

So let’s say I get rejected from UCB (my goal), what are my next steps. Btw, I am majoring in data science, much less competitve than compsci. But do can I appeal my decision? I am not sure of the exact dates but if I do this will I be able to show them that I got all A’s in these Spring classes? Because all my classes will be done and I don’t want to wait a whole year of not taking any classes and just kinda sitting around.

Yes, if you are rejected you can file an appeal however, it needs to be new and compelling information not originally presented on your application. For schools like UCB, this means getting good grades in the Spring semester for the required pre-req’s is not a valid reason for an appeal.

From UCB website:
** Q: Can I appeal my admission decision?
A: We strongly discourage letters of appeal unless you can provide significant new information for us to consider. Our transfer selection process involves a careful, individual reading of each application, and it is very unlikely that we will choose to reverse our original decision.**