Major, Specialization, and 2 minors?

Hello all,

I am currently a sophomore in university studying Advertising and Marketing Communications, with a specialization in creative advertising and a minor in psychology. I chose the minor after consulting with professors and faculty, where we all agreed it was an excellent addition (and something I had wanted for a while). I plan for my career to focus on non-profit marketing/advertising at first, and eventually move into marketing and advertising/ digital coordination for political campaigns/ government. Recently, I was wondering if adding a second minor (criminal justice) would help add experience and qualifications towards these goals.
If I were to do so, I would still be able to graduate on time as long as I took a minimum of 3 courses over this summer and next summer online or adding an extra class over 3 semesters (which I am fine doing). However, I was concerned with how this may appear on the degree- would this appear too busy/crowded/unfoccused to an employer? Would I be better getting criminal justice experience in internships, or would it be beneficial to add it as a second minor? I would love second opinions and thoughts on this.

I would not spend extra time/money for a second minor. I think your summer would be better spent doing an internship, doing research with a professor, or something along those lines.

Agree with @happy1. The world cares much, much less about the words on your diploma that you might think- and much, much more about your internships / research / experience.

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