Major suggestions? Biology, meteorology, etc?

<p>Hello - My daughter's a senior this coming year, and we're in the middle of college search (obviously!). She isn't sure of a major, which is fine except it could of course influence the college selection... Here is a little about her - are there any suggestions on possible majors and University choice (we are in Oklahoma, and she wants to stay fairly regional)?</p>

<li>Probable NMF (know for sure in the fall, but the school administration said it looks very good), 32 ACT so far</li>
<li>good student across the board taking AP classes where possible, but she would say Math isn't her strongest...she does well but has to work harder at it and doesn't 'love' math</li>
<li>Very good writer</li>
<li>enjoys and excels in her science classes (especially anatomy and biology...chemistry is fine but not a passion...hasn't had physics)</li>
<li>compassionate and good with people, incl. children</li>

<p>She doesn't want to be a doctor, but has expressed an interest in occupational therapy, possibly speech path, has even talked about meteorology in the past (another track completely I know...)...just doesn't know for sure</p>

<p>Any ideas and suggestions are very welcome! thank you -</p>

<p>Wisconsin has those programs and many others and most are excellent--all in a great fun package with many OOS students.</p>

<p>OU would be a great safety. And the NMF scholarship can't be beat. For other NMF scholarships check here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks for the link to that list, someone's gone to a lot of work! - I'll go through it more thoroughly when (hopefully) nmf is confirmed.</p>

<p>I guess this is a 3 part issue, and I need to see where they converge... </p>

<p>1) what are some majors that would be a good fit for her based on her strengths
2) What is a good undergrad major for her - would a biology degree of some sort (or even pre-med) point her in the right direction for several good career options - I'm sure there are so many things we haven't thought of
3) and then - Any comparative opinions on the biology programs (or other applicable) at the schools in our general area (OU, OSU, Univ of Tulsa, Arkansas..., Texas...) - Are some inherently better or roughly equivalent? (probably looking at Public unless there are good scholarships)</p>

<li>we're trying to find professionals in Occ ther., speech path, etc. to speak with and get their opinions on schools and degrees, but so far that's been easier said than done. Thank you for any input - searching these boards has been a great resource so far. Big decisions...</li>

<p>jalynn - here is a link to a nice "career exploration" site for a wide variety of fields in science, technology, engineering, math, computer, and healthcare fields; it provides a brief overview of different careers as well as educational requirements and college suggestions</p>

<p>Sloan</a> Career Cornerstone Center: Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Healthcare</p>

<p>Thank you! I'll check it out</p>