Major Supplement mistake (Yes really late I know)

<p>Hi guys, I know this is really late and all but for some reason there is a major disparity between the parts print previewed on my Columbia Supplement and what is actually submitted on the website and I mean major paragraphs disappearing. I know that its stupid that I've only just caught onto this now but I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to possible "solve" this?</p>

<p>What would you guys do?</p>

<p>Seems like the list of remedies is rather short. Submit an email detailing the problem along with the complete narrative. And cross your fingers.</p>

<p>Signed in to the common app site:</p>

<p>When I look ONLINE at the supplement the response is cutoff, i.e., I can not use to arrow bar to toggle down. Therefore, I see a partial response.</p>

<p>When I click on the print preview button and look at the response, everything is there. It is complete when I look at print preview.</p>

<p>Is this your issue?</p>

<p>I found this on the Common App Website:</p>

<p>" My text is cut off when I preview my application." was the problem submitted.</p>

<p>This was the response:</p>

<p>"Not all answers that ‘fit’ on the online application will ‘fit’ on the PDF of the Common Application. While the answers you provide on the online application are below the character limit for a given field, it is possible that those answers may be truncated when the PDF of your Common App is generated. There is often very limited space on the PDF of the Common App. In these cases every attempt has been made to fit the maximum amount of text but still preserve the readability of the information.</p>

<p>It is critical that you preview your Common App and check for truncated information using the Preview link in the top menu bar and the Print Preview link on the Signature page. Because your colleges will see exactly what you see, if you preview the Common Application and find some of your text is missing, you should attempt to shorten your response to fit within the available space. If necessary, you can add more information in the Additional Information section of the Common Application. Colleges that use the Common Application are aware that there is limited space on the PDF."</p>


<p>So sorry that you are having this issue at this time. Perhaps after you figure out exactly what the problem/situation is you could call the admissions department and calmly ask what to do ... you can't be the only applicant with this issue.</p>

<p>maybe you went over the word limit and didnt realise?</p>

<p>The software for the Common Application is poor. There are thousands of applicants that have these problems. You are one of the lucky ones that learned that you have a problem. the colleges know it too. I would fax the essays in there entirety to the Admissions committee (with your name and SS# on EACH PAGE - with a cover letter explaining exactly what you explained to us in your posts.</p>

<p>Once they receive it, they will scan it in and place it in your application, but it will take them time. You have the time, so you should be okay.</p>

<p>You may want to call each school and ask them how they would prefer you remedy the problem and then customize it for each.</p>