Major Switch

Hi, I was just admitted to UCI as a Film and Media Studies major, but I would like to switch to Education Sciences. How hard is to to switch into Education Sciences at UCI, and how early can I do it?

To switch majors:
Cumulative UC GPA: Students must meet BOTH requirements:
2.00 GPA
A quarterly GPA of 2.00 in the quarter immediately preceding the change of major.
Course grades:
Students must complete BOTH of the following requirements:
Completion of at least 3 required core courses for the Education Sciences major
Cumulative GPA for all courses taken in Education of at least 2.5

In case anybody else has the same question as me in the future, I emailed the undergraduate office for the School of Education (the school that had my desired major) and asked if they could help me switch over before my freshman year and they helped me out!

Thanks for the update and best of luck.