Major test dilemma

I am a rising senior and I took the SAT Subject Tests in May and June (Chem, Math 2, and USH). I did well on USH (730), but I screwed up Math and Chem. I got a 690 on math and 650 on chem. Some of the schools I am looking at require 2 subject tests or strongly recommend them, such as Duke and Emory. Now, you’d probably say well just take them again in October before applications are due. The problem is I planned on taking the SAT In October and you can’t take both SAT and SAT subject tests on the same day. I didn’t want to take the SAT but I didn’t score well on my ACT junior year (32), so I thought I’d give the SAT a try. So my dilemma: do I just submit USH and Math subject test scores and take the SAT in October and hope I do well, or do I retake subject tests in October and try the ACT again instead of the SAT? Thanks!!!

A 32 is obviously not a bad score so why don’t you retake that and retake Math and Chem?

I would follow the advice above. Retake the ACT, since a 32 is a great score, and also retake Math and chem, since I bet you can get them up.

Personally, I agree with the advice that you should retake the ACT since you can (32 is a great score, so up to you) and retake the Math 2 subject test. However, I wouldn’t retake the chemistry as I assume that you took it after taking a chemistry course and therefore, you’d have to restudy a year of chemistry in a month or two. Take Math 2, Math 1, and another random subject that you’re strong in (so you have 2 chances for a good math score).

I know for some of the schools I am applying to such as UVA a 32 is a good score, I just worry that it won’t be good enough for schools such as Duke and Pomona

That would be why you study and retake.

So, the possibility of doing better on the SAT (I feel more confident on SAT than ACT) but getting the mediocre SAT 2 scores, versus taking the ACT and most likely getting a 32-33 but most likely getting a better Math 2 score - I should take the ACT route for sure?