Major Undecided!

<p>OK I first intended to major in Engineering but I am not sure if Engineering is the best option for me.</p>

<p>My graduate school plans are more or less fixed on a MBA and I was just thinking what would be the best major (undergrad) that would help and complement a MBA!</p>

<p>Northwestern does not provide a major for Accounting or Finance. Does it?</p>

<p>So what should I apply for?</p>

<p>I am planning a major in Economics and a minor in Industrial Engineering.</p>

<p>Any better option in respect to what is good(Better ranked and higher paying) in Northwestern?</p>

<p>Another excellent option would be to major in Industrial Engineering and minor in Econ, which I think is a fabulous background for business school but also gives you the appeal of a B.S. in engineering when you hit the job market out of college, looking for some experience which will make you an interesting applicant for business school 2+ years later.</p>

<p>Yes I think that would be a better option!</p>

<p>The best engineering program in NU is Industrial Engineering right?</p>


<p>Northwestern does not provide a major for Accounting or Finance. Does it?


<p>No, but there is at least one class under the departmental field "Business Institutions" that covers Introductory Accounting and Finance. If you really want to go out of your way, you can take Accounting class on Northwestern's campus through the school of continuing studies, but you wouldn't get any undergraduate credit for it.</p>

<p>There isn't any huge difference in prestige among different engineering majors. In any case, I wouldn't recommend rushing to decide what engineering major you want to do. People don't need to decide until after their first year because everyone takes the same core classes.</p>

<p>Slightly more than half of IE students actually major in econ.</p>

<p>Northwestern is my dream college and I most probably my best match! In fact I am applying ED this year but I have to get this out:</p>

<p>If I do major in Economics at Northwestern(with a 3.5> gpa) what are my chances of landing an investment banking job (Preferably m&a)?</p>

<p>Does a lot of ibanking companies recruit undergrads from NU?</p>

<p>^^An unanswerable question, because that will depend on the IB job market several years from now and how you do in a very difficult and competitive interviewing process. You would need a crystal ball.
If you want to know whether an Econ major at NU would make you a good prospective candidate for such a job, the answer is yes. And yes, a lot of IBs recruit undergrads at NU.</p>

<p>Thanks WCASParent!</p>