Major Undecided!

<p>OK I first intended to major in Engineering but I am not sure if Engineering is the best option for me.</p>

<p>My graduate school plans are more or less fixed on a MBA and I was just thinking what would be the best major (undergrad) that would help and complement a MBA!</p>

<p>I am thinking along the lines of a combination of Economics,Finance or Accounting!</p>

<p>I am still keen on engineering but I don't think it would further my business aspirations.</p>

<p>Which major/minor combo would be the best for me at Case Western?</p>

<p>I think Accounting for a major and possibly Finance for a minor. Most career paths that management majors pursue are available to accounting majors too, but many career paths available to accounting majors are not available to management majors; accounting just seems more versatile --> finance is an application of the numbers, but accountancy is an understanding of the numbers.</p>

<p>Having worked in accounting for the past 30 years, well said!</p>