Major vs Bachelor degree?

<p>If I say I want to major in Psychology, does that mean I want to get my bachelor degree in psychology? What's the difference? </p>

<p>Muchas gracias</p>

<p>A major is a sequence of classes/credits you take that ultimately gives you a bachelors in whatever you were studying</p>

<p>You can also major in psychology and get an associates degree. It doesn’t have to be a bachelors. </p>

<p>You can minor in subjects too - this just means you take fewer courses in that subject, and a lot of people will major and minor in something (major in business administration with a minor in psychology, or a psychology major with a minor in business - the difference is the number of course requirements to fulfill each).</p>

<p>99% of the time, if your major is Psychology at a 4 year bachelor’s granting institution you are getting a bachelor of arts or bachelor of sciences in Psychology.</p>

<p>“Bachelor in Psychology” is short for “Bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology”.</p>

<p>The terms Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate indicate the level of your university degree. </p>

<p>A “major” indicates an area of concentration that’s one of the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree, but not the only one. You’ll also be taking general education classes and have to meet a minimum credit requirement. Some students complete more than one major, and some have “minors” (in addition to one or more majors) which are concentrations less in depth than a major.</p>