Major Weakness in Maths

<p>Here are my last practice SAT scores - </p>

<p>CR- 720
WR - 740
Maths - 440</p>

<p>Yup. Seriously. </p>

<p>I always hated maths at school, and I'm applying to college a few years out of high school (I never had the urge to go after high school, weirdly now it's all I want...). As a result, my maths is AWFUL. To make things worse I'm an Int. Student, so I have to be doubly impressive to get in anywhere. </p>

<p>Although I'm working ridiculously hard with a tutor, I've been static in the mid 400's for 2 months as Maths is a SERIOUS stumbling block for me. I've never grasped it above the basics, and having taken a few years off it I'm worse at it than ever.</p>

<p>While I still have faith I can get maths up to ~660 come SAT time, can anyone say anything reassuring about my chances of getting into schools that are worthwhile heading to America for if I can't really improve my maths score past 520 or so...</p>

<p>If your mathematics score remains below ~630, you probably won't get in anywhere "worthwhile" (top 20). If you get it up to 650+ you'll have a chance, though unless you have some incredible ECs, you're probably not getting into any Ivy League without 700...</p>

<p>It depends on your definition of "worthwhile". There are international students at nearly every school in the country, so obviously someone feels they are worth coming here for. If nothing short of Ivy league will do, then maybe you will have to go to school in your own country.</p>

<p>Try ACT math, it's more straightforward. </p>

<p>Or... just continue practicing (Actually learning the basics is much more important for you) and reviewing and stuff.</p>

<p>I NEVER say this, but you might want to have in evaluation for a math learning disability.May not effect admissions, but that's a pretty big discrepancy, especially if English is not your first language.</p>