<p>What to major and minor in if you want to be a lawyer</p>

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<p>I think anything that deals with law would be a good start.</p>

<p>Most universities offer a pre-law program. In it, you'll major in something that is heavily research oriented and involves a lot of discussion and objective thinking. Common examples include Psychology, Philosophy, and Political Science.</p>

<p>Completely irrelevant, as long as you have a high GPA and a rigorous course load.</p>

<p>I know a lawyer that majored in forestry for undergrad. Literally anything.</p>

<p>English and linguistics would be good too.</p>

<p>People who say literally anything are wrong.</p>

<p>It depends what kind of law you want to go into, but you can't go wrong with an economics/finance/accounting/business major.</p>

<p>If you want to do patent law, for example, you could do engineering for undergrad.</p>

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<p>Remember: the important part is that you excel in whatever major you select. A 3.5 Gender Studies Degree is better than a 3.0 in Political Science. People who select a major they detest, simply for law school, are less likely to accomplish their goal.</p>