<p>ok...i really want to go to cornell, but that's besides the point.</p>

<p>i really need help finding what i want to do in college. i know many people in college don't even know their majors, but i need help.</p>

<p>i (secretly) want to be pre-med, but i don't tell anyone because the one time i did, i got made fun of by all my friends and told i couldn't do it based on my "personality"(i'm very talkative, fun and a general people person). THey suggest something in communications, pr, or be a journalist or a "katie couric" type which would be fun and potentially COULD lead to great success(both accomplishment wise and monetary), but i still have an urge to be in medicine. none of my friends, and some adults, don't believe that i can be hard working enough to go to med school and do pre med and that i'm better off with something else.
i don't take a science this year(i'm a junior) but next year i plan on bio(hopefully AP) and anatomy, am i on the right track? or should i just listen to everyone and just drop my (secret) dream?</p>

<p>If you have a passion for medicine by all means pursue it. There is no special personality you need to work in medicine, and the field is so broad that you could easily find a job that combines your people skills with medicine.</p>

<p>juniyah08 i feel how you feel. I'm not that type of kid who can go to Cornell, when other kids look at me. But since 6th grade my dream was to go to Cornell, to the hotel school and it still is now. I plan to fulfill this goal also, but my academic stats, i doubt can help me get into Cornell. I just hope that when I do my interview next year the interviewer will notice my passion to the hotel industry.</p>