Majoring in Eng. field. All Major prep complete, one GE-B/Igetc Missing.(CSU)

<p>I'm currently going to major in somewhere in engineering field. I'm focusing mainly on completing my major prep. classes which there are a ton of them. If I keep a high GPA (3.5-3.7), complete all these major prep classes, would it be okay to miss one IGETC/GE-B requirement which is public speaking? Speaking classes always fill up quickly, and this class TERRIFIES me. Also trying to keep my schedule as easy as possible because need to keep on taking the 3 Engineering+Math+Science class that are mandatory.</p>

<p>Attending a California CC, so if I keep my GPA high, major prep finished, meet the credit requirement, but missing public speaking, would SDSU, or Cal Poly Pomona instantly deny me?</p>

<p>Much thanks</p>

<p>talk to a counselor to make sure, but it seems like the speaking class is one of the requirements you just have to have or its auto-deny time.
Within the transferable courses, there must be 30 units of general education work. Typically you complete at least 10 general education courses. In the case of high-unit majors, you may have less than 30 semester or 45 quarter units, but the campuses will be looking at your general education grades. If you are applying to a high-unit major, be sure to check with the CSU campus for their requirements in this area.</p>

<p>Finally, general education courses in the written communication, oral communication, critical thinking and mathematics sections of general education must be completed with a grade of C or better for each course. These four classes are part of the 30 semester units of general education.</p>

<p>CSUMentor</a> - Plan for College - Transfer Students - Upper-Division Grade Requirements


<p>And there's this
**Be aware that a grade of C or higher is required in each of the following GE "Golden Four" courses:<a href="note:%20bold%20is%20in%20the%20original">/b</a></p>

<pre><code>Oral Communication: Basic public speaking course. Other communication courses that are certified by a California community college will be accepted.
Written Communication: Typically a freshman composition course that emphasizes essay writing or reading and writing concurrently.
Critical Thinking: Typically your second semester composition or writing course, or a course in reasoning and effective argumentative writing.
Mathematics: This course must be beyond intermediate algebra.

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