Majoring in Neuroscience plan?!

<p>My plan is to major in neuroscience or biopsychology and get an accelerated degree..that way I can get my master's or 5 or 6 years. Many colleges have the accelerated study option, but not many colleges have neuroscience as a bachelor's degree..</p>

<p>I'm choosing my safety schools. Someone recommended Framingham State, Umass Lowell, and Bridgewater State..but they don't have neuroscience for undergraduates. I want my safety schools to be easy to get Massachusetts (so that there is easy to pay for)..</p>

<p>I want to become a neuroscience college professor..before that, i'd like to do a little research here and there..</p>

<p>My question is..what is your advice if I end up attending the safety schools that I listed? I want to study neuroscience and get over with it quick ..and get my job. I don't want to have to take biology then neuroscience then get my graduate degree. I'm hoping for something under 6 years..unless I can get my degree in biology and find some way to narrow it down to some interdisciplinary study that has neuro classes..through accelerated study..then move onto my career.</p>