Majoring in unrelated areas

<p>I have three completely different areas of interest, and I want to major in all of them but can't decide whether or not that's possible to do. I am primarily interested in chemistry, which I am definitely planning on majoring in, but also French and women's studies. If I were to minor in either of those, I would minor in French.</p>

<p>So here's my question: how difficult would it be to double major in two unrelated areas (chem and women's studies) and minor in a third (French)? Would it be possible?</p>

<p>The question you should ask yourself is, long term what is the second major going to help you achieve. If you're interested in the subject, take classes that will more than likely help you accomplish general education and unit requirements.</p>

<p>A minor isn't out of the question; generally these usually require a small number of upper-division units.</p>

<p>Double majoring plus a minor would probably take up most of your courses; fortunately, having one of the majors in the humanities and one in the sciences probably means you can get rid of most of your core requirements on the way. I highly doubt that particular combination will be any more useful than the single major relevant to your eventual employment, though, so just taking classes you enjoy in one or two of the subjects and actually majoring in one probably isn't a bad idea either.</p>