Majorly confused and desperate here...

<p>Fellow UCSD incoming freshman, I need help! I'm one of those people who missed the verification deadline for financial aid, and I submitted my appeal like everyone else, and so far, everyone else I know who's in the same situation as I am, and even sent in thei appeals later than I did, have already gotten their promised money. I've gotten my financial aid package, but there are only loans there, and many of the grants they promised before aren't there yet. </p>

<p>So I called in and asked, but the financial aid office tells me that I'm still considered a late applicant, and they haven't even started looking at appeals yet. So how come all the other late applicants have gotten their money? I'm so confused. I also don know whether or not I should go ahead and accept the loans before they tell me if I get the grants or not, because I don't know if accepting the loans right now means that I forfeit the grants. Please help me!</p>

<p>Call the UCSD financial aid office and ask them.</p>

<p>I did, but thy told me that they haven't even started looking at appeals yet. :/</p>

<p>I guess there must have been an error in their management. I guess you should send them a letter elaborating your situation. Probably they may look into it further then.</p>

<p>I have almost the same problem here, I sent them a letter of appeal along with my verification forms in May. In July, I sent an e-mail trying to check the status of my appeal and financial aid. They replied, saying that UCSD does not look at appeals until the month of September, which confuses me a little bit.</p>