Majors/careers to consider transferring to after completion of standard pre-pharmacy coursework?

After this year, I will be done with my pre-pharmacy coursework but I’m still iffy on continuing with that path. I enjoy chem and would be interested in possibly majoring in it or something else that goes along with the courses that I have already taken that I’d rather not have go to waste (namely gen chem, ochem, cell bio, micro bio, anatomy). What are some majors or careers that I should consider instead of pharmacy?

Do you want to stay on a healthcare path? Those are common requirements for many health fields.

Well, I’m really not sure. I’m thinking I shouldn’t because most others require physics as a prereq which is less than desirable for me (luckily my pharmacy program does not require it). I’m open to anything really

Chemistry, nursing, psychology, science education? Does you school have a career center where you could take some interest inventories and work with a career counselor to explore your interests and options?

My D’s friend is in PA school, she had similar prerequisite courses, but had three years before the master’s part of the program (some PA programs require a bachelor’s degree).

Have you worked in a pharmacy? Or shadowed?

I have “shadowed” in a local compounding pharmacy but it wasn’t the greatest experience because the pharmacist was vocal about how he was dissatisfied with his own career choice as well as the grim future for pharmacist salaries and saturation of the job market.

Do you have a chance to shadow a pharmacist in a hospital setting? Worlds of difference between retail and hospital.