Majors for careers in reasearch

<p>I want to be premed, but i need a backup plan, and currently my passion is research. I want to be involved in scientific and/or biotechnical research of some sort, and im trying to keep an open mind in terms of specific fields because I'm trying to find out what the most promising fields are (in terms of career and job outlook).</p>

<p>Can someone give me some ideas or make suggestions of what i should look to major in?</p>

<p>I heard from another poster that the job outlook for biomedical research isn't looking to good right now. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>The field is difficult right now but who knows what it will be like when you are done with college and graduate school (a must for a research career). A degree in Biochemistry can give you the opportunity to either go to med school or graduate school. If you are particularly interested in research the best way to prepare is to get involved in research as soon as you can in college.</p>

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<p>My suggestion would be science + Chinese or Hindi because pharmaceuticals research is all being moved to China and India where labor is cheaper. The few remaining jobs in the states are lousy QC jobs, regulatory and clincal trials/research. </p>

<p>I think your backup for med should either be PA,PT, Pharm, nursing or get a graduate degree in something completely different like conputers, engineering, or business. Sorry but the only way your will be doing research is as an impoverished grad student or post-doc, not something you want to make a career of.</p>

<p>Skip graduate school in the science. You will spend years as a slave in a lab for worse job prospects. Science grad school nowadays is a ponzi scheme that provides cheap labor for universities to do research and teach undergrads. In the end they get spit out into a market with throngs of science PhD’s and few jobs so they end up getting suckered into doing post-docs so academia can exploit them evern more. Most Americans are smart enough to recognise this which is why grad programs are increasingly dominated by foreign national fleeing even worse prospects back home. For them science is a way out of poverty for Americans it has become the way into it.</p>