<p>I'm a junior who likes American but is unsure of what she wants to do after school. It's between anthropologist and (eventually) a war correspondent. I was thinking about double majoring in Anthropology and Journalism (partially so I can get a base in/learn about both, partially because I been told multiple times that Anthropology is a good second major for international/social science related jobs.)</p>

<p>Is this an okay idea? Any suggestions what to do?</p>

<p>Anyone? Please? There have been almost 100 views but not one answer back...Bump :)</p>

<p>That's a great mix of majors at AU. The anthropology department is strong, and the school of communication even stronger. Additionally, you can choose a (pretty unique) focus in "backpack journalism", which is a specialty of a number of AU professors, and covers doing stuff like war correspondence. For example, a few semesters ago journalism professor Bill Gentile taught a course on war correspondence via satellite phone while he was embedded with a unit in Afghanistan. Additionally, AU's incredibly strong international programs, both curricular-wise and study abroad, would be helpful for your interests. AU also allows you to take courses in different departments and schools with almost no restrictions, so being cross-disciplinary is no problem. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>And you don't actually need the double "major"; what you need is the background, which could be a mix of anthro, soc, and history/political science. The school of communications and the school of public affairs are amazing!</p>