<p>I need a college in the Midwest that has a good science program with geology and environmental science as options and getting in I have 3.33 gpa 25 act. Also can you tell me the job outlook in these majors???? Thanks.</p>

<p>The outlook is great in anything having to do with environmental science - every company is "going green"! View the government's Occupational Outlook Handbook's statement here: Environmental</a> Scientists and Specialists</p>

<p>Augustana College (IL) - A lot of biology major students there
University of Minnesota: Twin Cities - Possibly a little bit of a reach
Carthage College (WI) - Only ~40% of students have a GPA above yours
Purdue University (IN) - Indianapolis campus, your ACT is at the 75% range
University of Minnesota: Morris - 65% acceptance, same cost for out-of-state
University of Missouri: Columbia - State flagship
Saint Cloud State University (MN)
Kent State University (OH) - My environmental science teacher went there.</p>

<p>I don't know how I came up with this many from Minnesota... Anyways, my methodology was a search for colleges with both of those majors, and then narrowed down by if I've personally researched the school in the slightest before or heard of it prior to my own college search.</p>

<p>Alright thanks!!! Have you heard anything about northdakota st. And what about the job out look in geology!?!?</p>